1. Chartering a yacht

After a written confirmation of the reservation, the payment should be made, as follows:

  • 50 % up to 3 days after confirming the reservation;
  • 50 % no later than 45 days before the date of the charter.

If we do not receive a payment from You up to 3 days after confirming it, the reservation will be automatically annulled.

A certain equipment is included in the price for chartering a yacht, specified individually for each model, bed linen, towels, as well as the harbour dues from the place of departure.

The implementation of the charter is only possible if all sums are paid on the strictly fixed dates. If you fail to pay the rest of the sum (up to 45 days before the date of the charter), ProTravel Ltd has the right to cancel the charter and keep the sum of 50% that was paid in up to that moment. By confirming the reservation, the Client agrees with the Conditions for chartering a yacht, described here.

Additional extra services such as a skipper, a hostess, a cook, final cleaning, transfers, fuel and others, are not included in the price and will be charged in accordance with the attached price list for every model individually. They must be specified and confirmed in writing when confirming the reservation. A list of the crew, as well as an exact hour of arrival must be sent no later than one week before the date of the charter. The additional extra services, reserved by the client in advance for each of our bases, must be paid in cash before the departure. This is the only adopted procedure. if they are paid for via credit card, then there will be an additional 5% fee.  

Transfers from the airport to the harbor may be organized following an enquiry. The prices depend on the distance. For more information please contact us. Following a prior request and enquiry, food may also be delivered on board.

Hotel reservations, car rentals, ferryboat tickets may also be provided.

The tourist fees per person/ per day should be paid in cash after confirming the number of guests at the harbour.

2. Withdrawal from the charter

In case of a withdrawal, for whatever reason, the Client is obliged to notify ProTravel Ltd. in writing. the company has the right to calculate a withdrawal fee or to retain the initial 50% payment, depending on the date of the reservation and the date of withdrawal from chartering a yacht, as follows:

  • For reservations, cancelled up to 90 or more days before the date of departure – a fee of 250 EUR;
  • For reservations, cancelled between 60 – 90 days before the date of departure – 30% of the initially remitted sum will be retained;
  • For reservations, cancelled between 60 – 30 days before the date of departure – 50% of the initially remitted sum will be retained;
  • For reservations, cancelled between 30 – 0 days before the date of departure – 100% of the initially remitted sum will be retained;

If the cancellation is for objective reasons (death of a family member, serious injury, war or other) the advance payment made is not reimbursed, but ProTravel Ltd. should make the Yacht available for the disposal of the Client for another vacant period of time or during another season. 

3. Deposit and insurances

Before a departure, the Client must pay a deposit in cash or via credit card ( Visa, Master Card), described in every model’s price list individually. The deposit is a necessary condition when chartering a Yacht.

After the end of the charter the crew will make an examination of the yacht. In case there are any damages, or any losses are ascertained, regarding the equipment of the yacht, the equivalent cost of the repair or of the ordering of the lost article/articles, will be deducted from the deposit. If there are no faults, damages or losses to the yacht, the deposit should be returned at its full amount. 

Personal effects, belonging to the guests, are not insured and in case of an eventual loss or damage of/to any of them, the Client does not have a right to seek insurance compensation for that.

Damages to the engine and/or to the sails, damages to the equipment or their losses, caused through the fault of the Client, should be paid from the deposit. If there are damages, caused as a result of the voyage, the Client is obliged to immediately inform ProTravel Ltd., to report the incident to the relevant port and to write an appropriate report with the aim of submitting it to the insurers. The Client must pay all fees.

Any claims can be lodged up to 14 days after the end of the charter, but only and exclusively if the client has contacted an employee of ProTravel in advance, in order to inform them of the problem during his/her charter. Otherwise no claims will be accepted.

4. Check-in

The chartering of the yacht begins on Saturday at 17:00 h. the client must provide an original document / a voucher with all the necessary personal data/, as well as the period of chartering. The yacht is given with full fuel and water tanks and is expected to be returned in the same condition. During the receiving of the yacht you will be given short instructions. The client will inspect the equipment and the condition of the boat, after which a delivery-acceptance protocol will be signed.

5. Check-out

The vacating of the yacht takes place on Saturday up to 9:00 h. The returning of the yacht to its home port on Friday up to 18:00 h and its staying there during the night is obligatory.

After the end of the charter, an examination should be made of the fuel and water tanks. If any of them is not full, the corresponding sum from the deposit should be retained. The client is obliged to return the yacht with emptied tanks for retaining. In case the yacht is not returned to the port, as specified in the concluded agreement, the Client will pay all the fees for the transfer of the yacht to the relevant port, as well as a penalty for the delay (if there is such a delay).

Any delay of the contrariwise giving of the yacht, as a result of atmospheric conditions, is not to be acknowledged, that is why during the last 24 hours of the chartering period it is necessary for the yacht to be at a sufficient distance from the charter base. Any delay with a duration of more than one hour is charged with double the price for a day, all the expenses, resulting from the impossibility of giving the yacht to a following Client, are also undertaken.

If the returning of the yacht is later than the time specified in the charter agreement, the Client will have to pay the following fees, which can be retained directly from the deposit:

  • For a delay of up to 4 hours – 10% of the sum for a week;
  • For a delay of up to 10 hours, the Client must pay 20% of the sum for a week;
  • For a delay of more than 10 hours, and for each new day of delay, the Client must pay 30% of the full payment.

If the Client for some reason wishes to prolong his stay aboard, he/she must necessarily inform ProTravel Ltd. After checking whether the yacht is free after that period, the new necessary documentation will be prepared (fees for additional days, a list of the crew, permits, etc.).

6. Obligations of „ProTravel“ Ltd.

ProTravel Ltd. guarantees that the yacht will be available on the agreed date and in a good condition – cleaned and ready to sail, with the equipment described in the charter agreement. If ProTravel Ltd. is not capable of giving the same yacht, as is specified in the agreement, signed by the parties, the company has a right to give the Client a yacht with the same number of cabins and beds, without any claims related with the payment. In case ProTravel Ltd. is not capable of providing the Client with another yacht for up to 24 hours, the Client has the right to withdraw from the agreement and the entire sum that was paid will be reimbursed to him.

7. Obligations of the Client

  • To accept the hiring of the skipper (a mandatory requirement);
  • Not to subcharter the vessel to a third party;
  • Not to transport people or products with a commercial or a criminal purpose (opiate or narcotic substances);
  • Not to accept more passengers on the boat than the ones explicitly referred to in the list of the crew;
  • The client guarantees that he is severally liable for all members of the crew;
  • The client must keep the list of the crew and the certificate of registration, along with the yacht’s documentation during the entire period of the charter;
  • To notify ProTravel Ltd. if there are changes, related to the number of crewmembers during the period of the charter;
  • To observe the laws of the host country;
  • Not to participate in competitions and regattas without a prior written consent of ProTravel Ltd.;
  • Not to steer the vessel under the influence of alcohol or narcotics;
  • To return the yacht cleaned and in good order;
  • The client must immediately inform a representative of ProTravel, following their instructions, in case of a failure or a major accident;
  • Not to leave the port if winds with a speed greater than 25 knots are expected or in case the port authorities have imposed a ban on leaving the port;
  • To plan his/her route carefully, so that 2 days before the end of the charter the vessel must be situated approximately 40 nautical miles away from the harbour, where it must be returned;
  • In case of bad weather the Client must inform a representative of ProTravel Ltd. of the exact location of the vessel;
  • Not to engage in fishing and underwater activities, in case he/she does not have a valid license;
  • Depending on the meteorological conditions, to avoid undue strain of the mast, sails and lines;
  • The taking on board of pets (dogs, cats, birds and others) is not allowed without ProTravel’s written consent;
  • To clean the holding tanks in international waters, but not closer than 1 nautical mile away from the nearest land;
  • Not to get on board with a hard suitcase (“travelling bag” type luggage is advisable);
  • Getting on board wearing heeled shoes is forbidden.

The client agrees to care for the yacht and steer and navigate her in accordance with the regulations of the relevant country, where he/she is sailing. The yacht will not be subchartered for use by third parties and should be returned according to the conditions, stipulated in the agreement.

All agreements and changes should be made in writing and be approved by the two parties. All disputes should be resolved amicably and in case there are insoluble problems, they will be referred to the jurisdiction of the relevant court in the country in which each vessel’s home port is located.